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Our wide-ranging services help clients from the pre-professional stages, through the NHL Draft and entry-level contract phase, and ultimately to the professional level, where we assist clients with every aspect of personal and professional representation. Our team has expertise in contract negotiation, marketing and endorsements, salary arbitration, training, and public relations management, and we offer an unmatched client concierge service to ensure our clients are able to devote as much attention as possible to their careers.


Our team of skilled negotiators will conduct thorough research to determine statistically comparable players and career earnings projections, as well as target teams, and utilize our vast network of hockey professionals to find you the right fit at maximum compensation.

Our team has negotiated millions of dollars in contracts for some of the highest profile stars in the NHL, KHL, and other professional leagues, and has an in-depth understanding of collective bargaining agreements and other league regulations governing contracts and compensation.

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